Screening of The Fortress of Utopia by Sandra Sterle


Experimental narrative articulates the visual language and sound associations between nostalgia of socialist past and future perspectives. Cinematic performances are placed in the ex-military bases of the island of Vis questioning the potentials of political and military power illusions.


Presentation of Shooting the moon by Brian Willems

Klub mladih, Ruđer Bošković 20, Split, 1.12.15., 19.00

Discussion of a book on the role of the moon in film. Films about the moon show that even after the lunar landing of 1969 our celestial neighbor has lost none of its aptitude for being made of green cheese. In fact, as soon as you put the moon on screen it is lost. This is equally true for a wide range of moon films, including the theatricality of Méliès, the incredulity of camp, the illegibility of footage shot by Apollo astronauts and the revisionary history of Transformers 3. Yet, as paradoxical as it might seem at first, it is only when we "lose sight" of the moon that lunar truths begin to come forth. This is because fantastic elements of the moon—by their mere absurdity—can indicate non-fantastic elements. However, what is of interest here is not realistic or fantastic lunar truths but rather that the moon is an object which invites, or even demands, more than one truth at once.

Screening of The last Super 8 film by Dan Oki

SoundImageCulture / Beursschouwburg in Bruxelles 10.12.2015

(work in progress, 83 minutes, color and b&w, 4:3, stereo). The Last Super 8 Film is a personal betrayal of a sacred kind, in which the cinematic is being reconstituted by a deadly reverse embrace of memory and forgetting. Theh film document is recreated from the broken mirror of forgotten identities and vocations. It is a deep dive into the loss of mental territory that has actually never existed, a voyage through oblivion as the homeland of consciousness.